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2020 Events coming soon!


8am - 1pm

1100 North 18th St Monroe La 71201

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2020 Events coming soon!


Appointments available! Call 318-362-1500 to secure your spot.

8am - 1pm

1100 North 18th St Monroe La 71201

Welcome to a transformative experience for the busy professional


Devote a day to realize lifelong cardiovascular health.



Comprehensive, meaningful cardiovascular evaluation

Develop personalized plan to improve cardiovascular health through transformative habit change

Identify and reduce risk


The Cardiovascular system lies at the core of overall health and well being.

Physical stamina and independence are essential to maintaining productivity, quality of life, and freedom from disability.

Most other bodily systems cannot function optimally nor remain resilient to disease without adequate cardiovascular health and physical fitness. 

The Program schedule

Times approximate

Our Staff


Mark C Napoli, MD, FACC

Emile Barrow Jr, MD, FACC

Emile Barrow Jr, MD, FACC

A board-certifieddiplomateof cardiology and interventional cardiology, Dr. Napoli is the founder and CEO of CorMedical. A Monroe native, Dr. Napoli graduated Summa Cum Laude from ULM. He earned his medical degree at LSU Medical Center in New Orleans, and he completed his residency at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. He earned his fellowship at University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and his interventional cardiology fellowship at Brown University in Providence, R.I. Dr. Napoli, a motorsport enthusiast, is married to Wendy and enjoys spending time with his family.


Emile Barrow Jr, MD, FACC

Emile Barrow Jr, MD, FACC

Emile Barrow Jr, MD, FACC

Dr. Barrow is the first—and longest-serving— cardiologist in Monroe, Louisiana. He is a board-certified diplomatein cardiovascular disease, nuclear cardiology and echocardiography. A Baton Rouge native, he earned degrees from LSU in Baton Rouge and LSU Medical Center in New Orleans. Dr. Barrow completed his residency at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., and he earned his fellowship in cardiovascular disease at Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii before beginning his practice in Monroe. He is married to Roxana and is an avid fisherman.


Jim Rittelmeyer, MD, FACC

Emile Barrow Jr, MD, FACC

Jim Rittelmeyer, MD, FACC

Dr. Rittelmeyer is board certified in interventional cardiology, has been practicing cardiology for 32 years. He is also experienced in pacemaker and ICD implantation. Most recently, he served as Chief of Cardiology at the James Haley Veterans Hospital in Tampa. Dr. Rittelmeyer

graduated from Georgetown University Medical School and completed his cardiology training at the Naval Hospital in San Diego, Calif. He is married to Carol and has three daughters. He is an avid baseball fan and enjoys gardening and World War II history.


Dr. Blaine M. Borders

Hope Anderson Fruge, RD, LDN

Dr. Blaine M. Borders

Dr. Borders, a northeast Louisiana native, has served this region for 20 years as a board-certified cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon. He specializes in treatment and surgical intervention of peripheral arterial disease, venous disease, heart surgery, and lung surgery. He earned a degree from LSU in immunology and microbiology; he completed his general surgery residency at LSU Medical Center in Shreveport; and he completed his cardiothoracic surgery residency at the Medical College of Georgia. He is married to Carla, and his hobbies include running and music.


Dr. Rolf Morestead

Hope Anderson Fruge, RD, LDN

Dr. Blaine M. Borders

Dr. Rolf Morstead is a physical rehabilitation physician inMonroe. He received his medical degree from Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans and has been in practice for more than 20 years.Dr. Morestead is board certified in Sports Medicine. He is married to Katie, has five daughters, and enjoys playing golf.


Hope Anderson Fruge, RD, LDN

Hope Anderson Fruge, RD, LDN

Hope Anderson Fruge, RD, LDN

Hope is a Vanderbilt-trained dietitian/nutritionist who  empowers others to live healthy, nutritionally balanced lives.  As a nutrition enthusiast, inspired by a lifelong fascination of wellness and the impact nutrition has on health, Hope inspires people to rethink their relationship with food.Hope serves as the resident nutritionist for Nashville Ballet Company dancers, as well as for Foundation Wellness, a corporate wellness company.  Additionally, she regularly contributes to Edible Nashville as a writer and food photographer. She is the Founder of Health with Hope in Monroe. 

Frequent questions

What is the Executive Cardiovascular Exam (ECE) ?

ECE is an outpatient clinic day devoted to screening for fitness and cardiovascular health. We deliver real time test results with the MD at your side. We discover problems you may suspect or be unaware. We also remove barriers to create transformative habit change that leads to prevention of disease and disruption.

How can I make an appointment for the ECE?

Call 318-362-1500 for an appointment. Or contact us at for more information.

Who is eligible for the ECE?

Anyone is eligible for the service. An individual can set up an appointment or a company can create an executive account.

Where is the ECE experience?

We are located at the CCC - The Complete Cardiovascular Center at 1100 North 18th Street Monroe, Louisiana 71201.

How long does the ECE last?

Usually the day is held on a Friday and lasts from 8 am until 1:30-2 in the afternoon. Coffee and snacks are provided after bloodwork and initial testing and lunch is provided.

What if a serious medical problem is discovered?

The ECE team will immediately connect the participant with the appropriate resource such as a provider of their choice within your company's medical plan, or if need be, the nearest medical facility, in order to fully evaluate and treat the problem. Fully trained and accredited staff are on site to address any immediate emergencies that may arise.

What if follow up testing or evaluation is required?

Follow up visits will be available at the CCC within 1-5 business days, or at the earliest possible time outside of the CCC for other providers of your choice.

When are appointments available?

Our next experience is November 15, 2019. Space is limited. Sign up as soon as possible.

What should I wear to the ECE?

Participants should arrive with loose fitting comfortable clothing and shoes that can be easily adjusted and can be used for walking.

What can I have for breakfast the day of the ECE?

Ideally because of the morning blood work and walking test, it is preferable to skip breakfast and have only a small amount of water until after the tests. Water, coffee, and snacks will be provided. Lunch is also provided.

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The Executive Cardiovascular Exam

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