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Inclusive service

- 70,000 eligible members and growing.

Providing more

- Utilizers actually consume more healthcare services than non-utilizers within a benefit plan (in other words, more engaged with their own healthcare), BUT…

Costing less

- Utilizers cost the plan 25% less PMPM compared with non-utilizers.

The bottom line is the bottom line.

- Employers are saving millions of dollars in healthcare costs and climbing.

Our Mission

Meet CEO Mark Napoli, MD

The secret

Cor Medical doesn’t have a magic formula for high quality, lower cost healthcare. The secret is departing from the traditional system early in primary care and prevention to avoid more expensive and unnecessary downstream traditional fee-for-service encounters or intervening early on more urgent needs to minimize disruption.

Long term approach

Instead of paying only for benefits and measuring quarter to quarter results, our clients pay directly for the care of their employees and realize long term savings as well as a healthier workforce.

Transparency and Fairness

Healthcare is expensive. Why should you have to pay a markup on a tongue depressor? We communicate the costs of our service directly to you, the company. We don’t charge a markup for either service or consumables. We only make profit on our management of the service we provide. 

We listen to your needs

Cost drivers change over time. We constantly analyze, collaborate, and communicate with your company and its TPA to better understand your needs and adapt to what those needs may be.

Lessen the burden on employees

- Working people often forego costly treatment only to encounter more expense later in the form of urgent or emergent care. Healthcare costs are a source of stress for almost every working family. We not only allow your company to remove access barriers to care, we also work toward providing care at lower comparable costs. 

Advocacy and Expertise

- Our dedicated providers work only with your insurance provider rather than dozens like in a traditional clinic, thereby becoming an effective patient advocate.

- As we become intimate with your benefit structure from a provider level, we can provide a resource for difficult solutions from a unique perspective. 


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