CorMedical Questions

CorMedical Work Site Clinics can treat day-to-day health needs, as well as identify and prevent more serious health issues and all for the exclusive use of employees. Look below for a list of frequently asked questions about our work site clinics.

Frequently Asked Questions About CorMedical

1What is the Cor Medical Clinic?
Cor Medical is a medical management firm that develops and operates on-site and near-site primary care clinics. We partner with employers to provide direct care in order to lower barriers to continuity of care for employees and their families.
2Why has my employer partnered with Cor Medical?
Healthy employees are arguably a company's most valuable asset. Employers want their employees to be unencumbered by absenteeism, low productivity, and costly healthcare encounters because of a lack of easy access to high quality care during work hours. Cor Medical Clinic can help mitigate these issues.
3How is Cor Medical different from traditional clinics or urgent care centers?
Rather than the traditional method of clinics, ERs, and urgent care billing the employee and the benefit plan for each test and service, our clinic partners directly with employers to directly pay for and provide employee care.
4What does the visit to a Cor Medical Clinic cost?
The cost to the employer is set and fixed no matter what is required. The cost to the employee is a small or no copay depending on the benefit plan.
5Can the Cor Medical Clinic serve as my primary care provider?
Absolutely. The Cor Medical Clinic provides primary care services and will serve as the first resource for employees and patients if they choose.
6If I already have a doctor, but my employer works with Cor Medical, do I have to leave my doctor's care and transfer to the Cor Medical Clinic?
Absolutely not. The Cor Medical Clinic is a voluntary service meant to provide more and easier access to medical care. The clinic is meant to act in partnership with local providers to enhance the quality of care in the community.
7What services are available at the Cor Medical Clinic?
The clinic provides primary care services like one would find at a traditional outpatient primary care clinic. The clinic treats both episodic and chronic medical conditions. What sets it apart is shorter wait times and longer, more comprehensive visits than a traditional clinic which relies on a high volume of patients to make a profit.
8Can I fill a prescription at the Cor Medical Clinic?
Most sites will have an on-site formulary for commonly prescribed medication. If your provider prescribes the medication at the Cor Medical visit, you can receive the prescription there before leaving. Other prescriptions can be sent electronically to local pharmacies. If a physician is present in the clinic we can also electronically authorize prescriptions to be filled at any outside pharmacy.
9Will my personal medical information be shared with my employer?
Absolutely not. All personal medical information and records are kept private between the primary care provider and the patient. The Cor Medical Clinic will share encounter information with specialists and a patient's regular provider with the express permission of the patient, but never with the employer.
10Does the Cor Medical Clinic offer Occupational Health services?
No. Because information about those services must be shared with the employer, the Cor Medical Clinic does not directly offer management of Occupational Health. We do, however, direct employees in need of those services to local established resources, and we do provide rapid triage in settings of serious work site injury.
11Will the Cor Medical Clinic replace the employees' insurance plan?
No. The company insurance plan will not change as a result of a Cor Medical Clinic being established at or near the work site.