Executive Cardiovascular Exam

Executive Cardiovascular Exam (ECE) by Cor Medical and the Complete Cardiovascular Center of Monroe. What is the Executive Cardiovascular Exam? ECE is an outpatient clinic day devoted to screening for fitness and cardiovascular health.

Executive Cardiovascular Exam

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Frequently Asked Questions About Executive Cardiovascular Exam

1What is the Executive Cardiovascular Exam (ECE) ?
ECE is an outpatient clinic day devoted to screening for fitness and cardiovascular health.
2How can employees make an appointment for the ECE?
appointments can be made through the Cor Medical wellness office (318)362-1500
3Who is eligible for the ECE?
Executives, Directors, and managers, please refer to your company's Human Resource Department for eligibility requirements.
4What services are included in the ECE?
Guests undergo a detailed and focused experience in order to assess risk or presence of cardiovascular disease by our physician cardiovascular specialists. They begin with screening blood work, and a focused history and physical exam. They move on to imaging of carotid artery, abdominal aorta, and lower extremity arteries. Also a cardiac ultrasound is performed at rest and after a monitored treadmill exercise session. Following testing a heart healthy gourmet lunch is provided by our chef along with healthy cooking tips and a dietary question and answer presentation by our nutritionalist. Following lunch, participants will review their test results as well as a focused instructional review of maintaining good cardiovascular health and fitness based on up-to-date guideline directed best practices. A tailored exercise prescription is also provided.
5How is the ECE different from a regular check up?
First, the ECE is a mixture of individual evaluations and group instruction in order to diagnose hidden cardiovascular problems and prevent future problems respectively. Next, the ECE will provide results and in-person counseling on the same day rather than phone call follow up or return visits.
6What if a serious medical problem is discovered?
The ECE team will immediately connect the participant with the appropriate resource such as a provider of their choice within your company's medical plan, or if need be, the nearest medical facility, in order to fully evaluate and treat the problem. Fully trained and accredited staff are on site to address any immediate emergencies that may arise.
7What if follow up testing or evaluation is required?
Follow up visits will be available at the CCC within 1-5 business days, or at the earliest possible time outside of the CCC for other community providers.
8Where is the ECE experience?
The Complete Cardiovascular Center of Monroe at 1100 North 18th Street, Monroe, La 71201
9When are appointments available?
Appointments are available one Friday per month. Limited space is available.
10How often can an employee undergo the ECE experience?
Please refer to your company's policy.
11 What should I wear to the ECE?
Participants should arrive with loose fitting comfortable clothing and shoes that can be easily adjusted and can be used for walking.
12What can I have for breakfast the day of the ECE?
Ideally because of the morning blood work and walking test, it is preferable to skip breakfast and have only a small amount of water until after the tests. Water, coffee, and snacks will be provided.
13How can employees make an appointment for the ECE?
Appointments can be made through CTL Wellness Office (318) 362-1500