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CorMedical Work Site Clinic

Our mission is to provide easier access to effective and high-quality primary care for employees while minimally impacting their productivity, time off work, or time away from family by locating the clinic at or near their workplace.

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At CorMedical we specialize in providing thorough primary care that revolves around prevention, wellness, and early intervention that will result in better health and less time away from work and family.

Health Experience

Our healthcare team will serve as your resource not only for walk-in and urgent matters, but also will manage chronic medical conditions with a consistent, available, and familiar healthcare team.

Welcome to CorMedical

CorMedical is a medical management firm that develops and operates on-site primary care clinics for employers. CorMedical is changing the way employers provide comprehensive medical care for their employees making it more convenient and affordable for employees and employers alike. This will help the bottom line by reducing absenteeism, employee turnover and health care costs.

Employee healthcare has become the major cost to employers today and will only increase in the future. CorMedical believes that our on-site clinics can offer a real opportunity for employers to control health benefit plan costs while at the same time working to improve employee health and productivity. CorMedical can provide measurable savings in employee health benefit costs.

CorMedical - The Future Of Medical Care